It’s been an exciting year for supply chain,  and  we have been trying to  cover the entire thing, from emerging technologies to revamped trends readers have had a range of topics to dive into.

Here is our PT Blog Top Ten of 2018:

1-How to Reduce Costs in your Supply Chain without Affecting your Customer Satisfaction.

The lack of data necessary to fully understand what is actually going on across the Supply Chain operations is the reason why CFO cannot make the right decision to cut the high cost of their supply chains. 

2-Blockchain, the Pillar of Digital Supply Chains

Transparency, sharing data and information are the main problems in any Supply Chain, bringing about uncertainty, delays, misunderstandings, time-consuming, and serious productions miscalculations.

3-Why Spreadsheets Could Become Obsolete?

Digital Data comes to replace those spreadsheets, but what are the benefits?

4-What is so different and unique about DDMRP?

DDMRP could be the most effective option for some companies, as it can provide great value compare to Material Requirements Planning. (MRP). What is DDMRP?

5-No Chicken, What to do? Lessons learned!

KFC is blaming the contract done with the delivery firm DHL What went wrong? What could KFC have done?

6-Dine-in Trends and Food Supply Chain Strains

Dining-in is a growing trend reporting billions in profit. But, how can restaurants capitalise the growing of “Dining-in” trend without compromising food quality and the restaurant prestige?

7-Can the Internet of Things Help Solve Hunger?

World hunger persists regardless of the eliminations of critical complications as food production challenges.

8-The security in your IoT poses significant challenges

Security must always remain at the centre of everything, especially when talking about both present and future technology.

9-Promises and Constraints Around Industry 4.0 Revolution

What are the promises of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
10-Best Practices of Top Supply Chain Companies

When researching best practices in global markets, the better place for looking at is the top Supply Chain companies in the world.

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