Conversations and interactions are the backbone of any network and the source for new projects and finding solutions; the reason why we love to have chats with different kinds of people from other places.

 That is also why people from Prophetic Technology from different countries and areas of expertise are always willing to know communities worldwide.

 Language barriers are no problem for us; neither will be delivering your message accurately in different parts of the world.

 We are well connected; consequently, one of our mantras is “Ask us because if we cannot help you, we know someone who can!”



Join The Conversation



We believe in the importance of sowing and giving back to our community.

Doing good for those who do good!


We believe that charities seek to learn and improve the service they provide to the people they serve. We recognise that people-centric organisations are often driven by a different ethos that means the other objectives and aims can result in very different measures of success.

Charities still need to be run efficiently, but the opportunities to deliver services differently through entrepreneurial change.

We have skills that apply to the charity sector that enable boards and trustees to leverage the value and bring clarity to strategic direction and planning.



Learning is a lifetime experience. We are not in the business of limited knowledge transference but in giving individuals and teams within companies, charities and universities the power to adopt knowledge and apply it.

 Our customers with whom we run courses expect new projects to arise from the knowledge transferred. It means those completing one of our courses would take the knowledge they have acquired and apply it in some practical way delivering specific and measurable value as a direct result of the course.

 It enables participants to apply this knowledge to their world and deliver value in the short term.



We offer a range of services in Marketing, Social Media, Supply Chain and Leadership, but we are connected to a wide range of partners and associates, which means we can stretch beyond our core competence with credibility and excellence.