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What's trending? Our latest resource of course.

The Power of the Hashtag:

Crafting the perfect social media campaign on it’s own is a tough job. Making it stand out, that’s a completely different topic all together. Trending topics are currently a valuable currency in the social media arena, where if executed right can help to increasingly gain visibility and a huge audience.

This is no new topic, but definitely a powerful one. With Twitter being the primary lane of communication for using hashtags, it it has given them a more prominent and influential place.

Beyond just looking to increase awareness for your business, generating and owning a trending topic can be incredibly useful to create ripples across your networks, communities, follower growth and audience research.

We thought to share light on our very own findings and have created a handy infographic to introduce to you our starter kit to craft your very own powerful hashtag. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Power of Hashtag

Download Here

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Tools Group

Tools Group

PT has been working side by side with ToolsGroup for more than five years on several projects from strategic planning, market research, media campaigns and social media management which has made us a part of the prophetic journey to achieving excellence.


Nutrición en Equilibrio

PT assist Nutrición strategising and managing social media campaigns to gain the mind of their customers with fresh and informational content delivered on a series of networks; based upon Nutrición's goals both local, national and International.

Warwick University

Warwick University

PT provide to Warwick Manufacturing Group best in class research supervision, education and analysis on leading edge Supply Chain topics, keeping them up to speed with the latest trends and fresh client examples of what is actually being achieved in the marketplace today.



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