PT Projects

As a business that is built on Kingdom principles, we are not only focused on profit, but also look to share and reinvest, a measure of our profits and our time, to improve people and the planet, enabling us to commit to a triple bottom line.

 Charity support

We give on a regular basis both of our time and our profits to the following charities

Abba Fathers House
- A Charity for Widows and Orphans in Jinja, Uganda

Runnymede Christian Fellowship
- A Church in Egham, Surrey, that is reaching the world as a blended Church, that touches all kinds of people.

Books beyond

We believe as a business that we need to continue to grow and learn, every year our team reads a book together and we share the learning and application together as a team.

We love to share these books with our customers, so we have sent and shared with a number of our customers a number of these books, all we ask is that they pay it forward, they let us know what they thought of the book and then give to someone else and ask them to do likewise.

here is the ever-growing collection of books we recommend, that we think will help you fulfil your destiny and further define your purpose as an individual and as a business.

Get in touch with one of our team members if you want to get a copy of one of our suggested titles.  Or purchase them here.

the goal   who moved my cheese  the heart of success   the big five for life  

 why are you here cafe   factfulness   chazown


Fedex Project 

Once a year each of our member of the team is given a day of time to give to a project, where the team member shares their skills with an NGO or charity, for free, sharing their time and their expertise to support and encourage, to develop and grow fruitful possibilities. 


Generosity Matters

Twice a year each member of the team is given an amount of money to bless a group or an individual, this is really modelled on a pay it forward model, where we share a random act of kindness.  If we are able to share pictures we will, but the purpose is not publicity, but to sow into a Kingdom economy.



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