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Determining supply chain challenges before they happen is critical for every company's success


Supplychains are growing in complexity with an amazing speed, mostly because of customers demanding better, cheaper and faster products at raising quantities. This creates challenges for companies and determining supply chain challenges before they happen is critical for every company´s success while creating both effective and affordable supply chains might become extremely difficult.

Let us mention some of today’s main supply chain challenges: 

Lack of visibility understanding your extended supply chains

Increased variability increased stock/ inventory 

Competition resulting speed and flexibility

Increased risk resulting in delay and increased cost

Need for innovation requiring structural flexibility

“Now is the perfect time to take the lead and prepare for the challenges ahead...”

Those challenges create intriguing questions like:

How Can You Manage What You Can’t See?

What Are Your Big Supply Chain Initiatives?

How can you analyze the root cause of the trouble on your inventory?

How can you afford an easy and flexible accessibility of information? 

In order to answer those kind of questions companies rush into one of the biggest concerns in the supply chain world which is trying to get the best Supply Chain Tool that can solve the problems of your business and if not well informed about what could be the definite solution for such problems, the constant doubt on whether if you are really using the right tool or not or if you really need one as expensive or complex as the one you are about to get will always exist…

Managing an end-to-end supply chain requires a collaborative effort across a wide spectrum of departments and job functions and partners. From B2B integration to supplier collaboration to fulfillment, we have you covered and can help you tackle your supply chain issues. We need to take a look at the processes and goals to determine how we can best showcase the value of your organisation. Procurement expectations are changing rapidly and now is the time to stand up and take charge. NOW is the perfect time to take the lead and prepare for the challenges ahead with an emphasis on organisational alignment, a change on inventory strategies, real-time performance management and looking forward on emerging markets growth.  


Light at the end of the Tunnel

We can help you find the tools your supply chain really needs to boost its performance to the top followed by the right techniques in order to develop an idea and methodology that generates a profitable company. We have resources designed to answer the questions most relevant to your particular area within the organization and make your life simple by using familiar terms and language with the right tool for your business by transforming your data into simple actionable information, being able to hear through the noise and maintaining focus on what really benefits your business strategies.  


About Prophetic Technology

We assist companies on getting a clear and precise vision of the future in order to create and execute new strategies to achieve their very specific goals involving our main areas like Marketing, Social Media, Supply Chain and Leadership.

We are also connected to a wide range of partners and associates, that means we can stretch beyond our core competence with credibility and excellence, deliver your message to KEY TARGETS, develop your strategy with GREAT RESULTS while engaging and developing a relationship with customers through the networks that your business really needs.