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Forecasting a dark art or a deep science?

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Planning still a required skill - or is it dead?

Planning still a required skill - or is it dead?

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There are thousands of companies starting each year looking to find some way to tie themselves into the social media industry. Often times it can be rather difficult for people to keep track of what services do what. In 2008, Altimeter Group principal analyst and author Brian Solis, in association with design firm JESS3, created The Conversation Prism, a research-driven infographic that looks at the social web and its different divisions. Now, it has been updated with the addition of categories to account for the new services being developed today, including enterprise social networks, social marketplaces, influence, quantified self, and service networking. The Conversation Prism is designed to help companies looking to incorporate social media into their programs by providing a...


Visual representation of the true expansiveness of the Social Web and the conversations that define it  


At first the infographic can look difficult to understand but let us explain it a little. In the centre of the Prism locates the person interested on developing a social media campaign: YOU.  From here, you can shift the outer circles accordingly to fit your intent, whether it’s about value, purpose, transparency, commitment, or vision.  After that, it’s just a shift of circles in order to find the tools that properly align to your business goals.

The newest version of the Conversation Prism has seen 122, with 111 new ones added. In the next two years, with the state of companies being acquired, dissolved, founded, it will be fascinating to see what the new social media landscape will look like. 

Social Prism Inforgraphic


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Tools Group 

PT has been working side by side with ToolsGroup for more than five years on several projects from strategic planning, market research, media campaigns and social media management which has made us a part of the prophetic journey to achieving excellence.    


Nutrición en Equilibrio 

PT assist Nutrición strategising and managing social media campaigns to gain the mind of their customers with fresh and informational content delivered on a series of networks; based upon Nutrición's goals both local, national and International. 

Warwick University  

PT provide to Warwick Manufacturing Group best in class research supervision, education and analysis on leading edge Supply Chain topics, keeping them up to speed with the latest trends and fresh client examples of what is actually being achieved in the marketplace today.

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